With Verus' strategic oversight, financial education, and mechanized processes, our plan sponsors have a full-scale retirement partner at their disposal and on demand.  This means plan sponsors and HR administrators can re-focus their attention on higher level HR initiative and company success.

VERUS is an independent corporate retirement advisory practice.

We provide business owners with comprehensive 401k, 403b and SIMPLE IRA solutions that not only help lower administrative cost but also enable their employees to be retirement ready by using our one-to-one employee education meeting solutions.

You should call VERUS if...

  • You haven't seen your advisor in over 12 months - we call these advisors "ghost advisors"
  • Your current plan offers limited mutual fund choices - your employees deserve the best fund opportunities
  • You and your employees are paying too much in fees - let us benchmark your plan to find a more cost-effective service provider
  • You want to start a retirement plan - helping you hire the best employees
  • You are concerned about your potential liabilities in the face of an audit - allow us to help you implement industry best practices.